CBT Lancaster has been providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, (EMDR),  to individuals who wish to undertake an evidenced based psychological intervention in the comfort of their own homes or in homely clinic environment for the last ten years.


CBT it is a very effective way of helping people to overcome a variety problems and is the leading treatment recommended by NICE.

In a nutshell, our feelings and our actions are both affected by what we think, this provides the basis for how CBT works. CBT is used to explore the link between:


  • The way people think.
  • How this makes them feel.
  • What they then do.


Within the CBT sessions you will be encouraged to find and identify any thinking styles that may be unhelpful or negative.  The way in which you think can lead to feelings of worry, nervousness, fear, anger or sadness.  Over time these feelings can cause us to undertake certain behaviours that minimise or keep us safe from these emotions. CBT will assist in changing these thoughts impact on how we feel and behave by breaking this link and encouraging positive changes in your behaviour.  


CBT can help to:

  • Find these thoughts
  • Help to link your thoughts to how you feel followed by your actions.
  • Develop more helpful and positive ways of thinking.
  • Help to control unpleasant feelings.
  • Help you to face and overcome your problems or fears.


I am a qualified clinician with a Msc in Advanced Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health awarded by The University of Manchester, as well as other more specifc CBT related qualifications.  Currently I am a psychological therapist working in the Lancashire and I am one of only a few fully accredited by the BABCP in Lancaster and the surrounding area.  www.BABCP.com