NEW : Occupational Therapy Service

16th Sep 2016

Enabling me is a new Occupational Therapy service which has been developed within the Lancashire area.

This service has been develop by a highly regarded colleague whom is venturing in the world of private health care provision.


So what is Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the evidence based, therapeutic use of meaningful and purposeful activity.

Often when people experience difficulties with their mental and /or physical health they can struggle to carry on doing the very things that give their lives meaning, purpose and positivity.

Occupational therapy helps by supporting a person identify :

  • what it is that they would like to do
  • what are the obstacles to doing this
  • how to overcome these obstacles

An occupational therapist will help with prioritising goals and breaking down goals into manageable tasks.  Support is then provided to work on the tasks by drawing from a range of therapeutic techniques.  These aim to develop the strengths of a client. This may also involve adapting the task.

In doing this Occupational Therapy promotes recovery and maintenance of quality of life.

If you feel that this service might be helpful for you or someone you know please visit


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