Training 2014

26th Feb 2014

This year i intent on focusing on the treatment of personality problems.


I have booked several courses thsi year aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of working within this client group.


I am currently booked on CBT for Personality Disorders presented by Professor Kate Davidson in May.


Additional to this I intend to undertake the DBT training this year.


Dialectical behaviour therapy

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is a psychological therapy for people with borderline personality disorder (BPD), especially those with self-harming behaviour or suicidal thoughts. 

If you have been diagnosed with BPD, you might have experienced the following:

  • intense negative emotions (anger, shame, guilt, sadness, fear), which you find hard to control.
  • impulsive behaviour to control your emotions, including self-harming, using alcohol or drugs, binge eating, purging etc.
  • unstable relationships and fears of being abandoned by others
  • feelings of emptiness
  • mood swings, with your mood going up and down a lot
  • suicide attempts
  • self-harming.

DBT was specifically developed to address these problems.


Information taken from the MIND website.


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